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Tissue Culture Lilacs


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AgriForest is pleased to offer an excellent selection of tissue culture Lilacs. Our tissue culture lilacs are bushier, have more panicles, and are disease free compared to conventionally grown lilacs.

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Varieties of Lilacs

Syringa hyacinthiflora MAIDEN'S BLUSH

Hardy, upright shrub with abundant fragrant, single vivid pink flowers. Reaches 10' at maturity. Zone 2.

Syringa hyacinthiflora POCAHONTAS

Dense, upright, extremely hardy shrub that produces abundant fragrant, deep violet blooms. Reaches 10'. Zone 2.

Syringa vulgaris BEAUTY OF MOSCOW

A stunning variety with a multitude of pale pink to white flowers. Mature height of 8-10'. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris CHARLES JOLY

Fragrant, double red-purple flowers are produced on this shrub that reaches 10' at maturity. The blue-green foliage in summer turns yellow in fall. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris EDWARD J. GARDNER

Double pink, beautiful, large twisted florets with an excellent, sweet fragrance. Dense, upright shrub reaching 10' at maturity. Zone 3.


Impressive, double bluish-lavender fragrant flowers are produced on this 10', vigorous, upright shrub. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris MME. LEMOINE

Bluish-green foliage turns yellow in fall on this 10' shrub. Produces gorgeous fragrant, double white blooms. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris MONGE

Dense, upright shrub with showy, single reddish-purple fragrant flowers. Reaches 10' at maturity. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris MONTAIGNE

Double light pink-mauve flowers with white in the florets. A beautiful sugary fragrance. Reaches 10'. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris MISS ELLEN WILLMOTT

Very large double flowers of pure white make this fine older cultivar a favourite. Reaches 5'. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris PRAIRIE PETITE

Beautiful single pink fragrant flowers produced on dense, compact shrub. 4' at maturity. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris PRESIDENT GREVY

Vibrant, double blue fragrant flowers bloom on dense, upright shrub. 10' at maturity. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris SENSATION

An eye-catching variety with unique fragrant single purple flowers that have a white border. Reaches 10' at maturity. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris VESPER

Single lavender-pink fragrant flowers produced on dense shrub that reaches 10'. Zone 3.

Syringa vulgaris WEDGEWOOD BLUE

Old fashioned variety with pink buds that turn into fragrant single blue flowers. Reaches 6' at maturity. Zone 3.