About AgriForest Bio-Technologies

AgriForest Bio-Technologies Ltd., a nursery located in Kelowna, British Columbia, was originally established in 1984 with a mission to provide tissue culture dwarf fruit tree rootstocks to local orchardists. Since then, we have expanded to produce high quality tissue culture Shade trees, Ornamental shrubs, Roses, Clematis, Lilacs, Saskatoon berries, and Nutraceutical Plants. The list does not stop there! Our Research and Development department is constantly working on developing new tissue culture varieties. Producing over a million plants, AgriForest is now one of the largest suppliers of tissue culture plants in North America.

The AgriForest Wholesale Division caters to nurseries and garden centres, and is committed to providing AgriForest customers with high quality tissue culture plants!

AgriForest’s tissue culture plants have many advantages over conventionally produced ones. Our plants:

  • are guaranteed to be disease free
  • have a more fibrous, healthier root system free of any root rot problems
  • exhibit a denser, bushier branching habit
  • are characterised by more vigorous growth after transplanting
  • have a higher survival rate