Shade Trees For Sale: Benefits, Classification, Shade Tree System

The Spring 2019 begins and what better than planting a tree, and if this one is of abundance, its green color will reign in our home throughout the year. The heat of the sun is nice, but sometimes we prefer to enjoy some shade. If it is in our garden, better than better. We can … Read more

Language, Significance And Symbolism Of The Beautiful Lilacs For Sale

Flowers have always had a language forgotten by people. It has been used as a means of communication since ancient Persia. Today we can only speculate the meanings of such communication. The beautiful lilacs interpret love and courtship. Sending a beautiful bunch of lilac flowers to the one you love is the most amazing part … Read more

Haskap Plants: Useful Information, Origin and Properties

Name: Haskap – Lonicera caerulea, Ainu (Japan and North America), Blue honeysuckle (USA and Canada). Higher classification: Honeysuckle Geographic origins: Japan Dimensions: Height up to 2 meters, width up to 2 meters. Foliage: Caduco. Type of soil: Rich, neutral to acid. Climate: Rustic up to – 40 degrees C. Origin and Properties: The edible Haskap … Read more