Are you Looking for New and Exciting Berry Crop?

We understand that you have been a successful blueberry grower and have a good  reputation in the blueberry industry. However, low prices and strong competition from other growers, especially from low wages countries have frustrated you for a while and is a major concern for your business.
We would like to introduce you to Haskaps and Honeyberry, a new and emerging berry crop for Canada. If you haven’t yet tasted these berries, we believe that you will be amazed at its delicious taste and extraordinary nutritional values compared to all the other berries including the blueberry. This new berry crop has following distinct advantages over all the other berries:

  • A brand new berry crop with a very bright future with very little competition from
    US and other overseas countries!
  • It is easy to grow organically in various soil types & extremely hardy! Produce the berry crop much earlier than other berry crops so no competition from other crops!
  • Will help you diversify your orchard and keep your employees employed for a longer time.
  • It is easy to grow and manage with few insect and disease issues
  • It can be harvested mechanically and doesn’t need trellis or extensive pruning
  • Due to low global supply, the prices are much higher compared to other berries.
  • Fetching as much as $10 per pound for fresh and up to $6 for frozen berries!
  • It is suitable for fresh, frozen and processing markets as amazing award winning
    value added products including juice, wine, jam, jellies, liquor and dried berries.
  • Its various shapes and size as well as the differences in the taste make it a very
    unique crop loved by kids and adults alike!
  • It has the highest nutraceutical compounds including the antioxidants, vitamins,
    minerals and nutrients essential for the prevention of cancer and heart diseases.

    In light of the above benefits, we would like to urge you to plant at least one acre of this
    new berry crop. AgriForest is the largest supplier of superior starter plants with high
    productivity and large size berries. If you would like to know more about us and our
    Haskap and Honeyberry varieties, please visit our website
    at In addition, to help the growers to familiarize with this
    crop, we have just published our best selling 336 page Honeyberry & Haskap Guide
    which provides simple ideas on establishing a healthy and productive orchard. If you
    would like to obtain a copy of this book, please contact us via email
    at or phone at 250-764-2224.