Tissue Culture Dwarf Sour Cherries

Prunus cerasus

AgriForest is pleased to offer tissue culture dwarf sour cherries developed by University of Saskatchewan. Our tissue culture derived cherries are true to the variety, exhibit a  denser  branching  habit  and  floral production  resulting  in  larger  fruit crop,  and  are characterised by even ripening for easier harvesting. All our tissue culture derived fruit trees are Certified Virus Indexed plants by Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Flyer- New Berry & Small Crop Plants (983 KB)


Varieties of Dwarf Sour Cherries

    • Prunus cerasus CARMINE JEWEL CHERRY


    • Prunus cerasus CRIMSON PASSION CHERRY


    • Prunus cerasus CUPID CHERRY


    • Prunus cerasus EVANS SOUR CHERRY


    • Prunus cerasus JULIET CHERRY


    • Prunus cerasus ROMEO CHERRY


  • Prunus cerasus VALENTINE CHERRY

Fruit Tree Rootstocks

    • Prunus Root-Stock MUSTANG


    • Malus Root-Stock M-26


    • Malus Root-Stock M-9


    • Malus Root-Stock OTTAWA-3


    • Pyrus Root-Stock OHXF–87