Tissue Culture Raspberries For Sale

Rubus idaeus

AgriForest is pleased to offer several  new  varieties  of  Raspberries  bred  by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and  licensed  by  Summerland  Variety  Corporation. Our tissue culture raspberries are true to the variety, exhibit a  denser  branching habit and  floral production  resulting in  larger  berry  crop,  and  are characterised by even ripening for easier harvesting.

Catalogue – Saskatoon Berries, Honey Berries & Dwarf Sour Cherries (1125 KB)

Flyer- New Berry & Small Crop Plants (983 KB)

2017 Spring Liner Availability (356 KB)

Varieties of Raspberries

    • Rubus idaeus CHEMAINUS


    • Rubus idaeus SAANICH


    • Rubus idaeus SQUAMISH